We are a bunch of proud Mailkootians  to celebrate one more year of our Business and we are so incredibly thankful to each and every one of you that have supported us.

We have believed strongly in

We’ve proved it. Yes, we totally nailed it to make it a Success and BIG too!

Our early vision and involvement in the industry allowed us to see ahead of the future marketing needs . We chose the path we knew would be best suited for those we serve, our pleased clients and we’re so very proud of the outcome, righteously to say ‘More than what we wished for.

We continue to stand strong in support of transparency, a client-first approach, and embracing competition to give the best.

Our driving factor today and always will be to ensure all those we connect with are informed, how at Mailkoot we put our best foot forward to provide best-in-class services to our customers. Needlessly to put it in words, our performance speaks for itself.

We started as a small group of young professionals, some of them just out of university with bursting energy bound with nurtured talents and skills. That said, perhaps the reason, we are structurally shaped in many ways to achieve more and more.

Trajectory We Adapt Works Very Well!

Much of our success is the result of our attitude towards humanity - our hiring process has always been based on common sense and sustainability and we gladly offer every Mailkootian the chance to walk the path to get them where they think they should belong in the company.

Regularly, our team gathers couple of times in a year for the company-sponsored summits or events, possibly is a mixture of professional and recreational meetings in a selected friendly location to enjoy team building activities, a chance to know each other better and to take a look at the past, the present and the future of Mailkoot.

We Deserve A Pat On Our Back

Euphoric Moments! Since its establishment, Mailkoot has focused on delivering quality and promising services to its customers, fulfilling their expectations and meeting every legal or technical requirement in Services while promoting Campaigns with good Open Rates. It has been our sincere efforts towards the definition of quality deliverables, the correct estimation of times and costs and setting up a robust Platform with healthier Data and for better Deliverability involving methodical approach in every stage of the Campaign Management.

So far...
  • We provide services to 40+ Clients
  • With average Open Rates 20 – 25%
  • Increased Inboxing Ratio
  • Thorough testing of Creatives
  • Zero spamming with reputed Domains
  • Radical increase in ROI

Doing things right and our unquenchable thirst for commitment to quality, and also our expertise in SMS and Email Marketing has brought us this far and keep us going towards our goal. We do this as a means to give back our customer what they deserve and thank them for helping us to grow both as a company and as individuals, which is a privilege.

A Nod To The Past And Our Vision For The Future

We are thriving to the future, and working on expanding into new markets and reaching new clients. Our controlled but steady growth and the need to pursue better and higher goals every year, our ability to think outside the box, undoubtedly motivates us to develop business to the next level to serve our customers for many years to come.

In our search for new areas of growth, we are also pushing forward to some other innovative products to pitch in for the next year, the products that represent our bet for the development of in-house ideas and our interest for being innovative and unique. We now have a full department dedicated to business development, innovation and creative ideas that are required to build and establish new partnerships.

We have already started to leap towards next milestone!

Finally, thanks to all for your continued support and trust.