About Mailkoot

At Mailkoot, we believe to be the one to stand out in a crowd. We differentiate ourselves by blending technology and creativity to deliver what we promise; we are good at what we do. With our incredible imagination in Digital Email Marketing, our campaigns are unique with positive response and always outperform today’s mundane market trends. Every success story starts with a dream – is our motto.

Our Skill

Creative Designs



Quality assurance and testing

Our creative designers create email marketing campaigns, where people actually click. First of all, we have amazing subject lines, precise design, enticing content and preview text. They are short and punchy yet simple, desired to fit perfectly to suit the requirement of the client.

Our data analysis begins with the thought about people who would be reading the marketing campaigns. How much of ‘what we know’ of our targeted customers? Our strongest buyer personas are based on the acumen of what we gather from our readers through survey and market search.

Our marketing campaigns comply with conversion optimization, which aims to make the ads easy to consume, eye catchy and an ardent impact on the targeted customers. This further, makes our customers to magnetize to our service, and crave or create an urge to connect with us.

Our quality assurance and testing is a subset of the overall usability goal, after all, an ad campaign isn’t usable if it isn’t working. Quality Assurance is a vital step in the ad development process and we want people to click and feel confident about the quality of the information they obtain.

Team of Mailkoot

We are Marketing Guru. We are the Ideal Leaders. We Think Outside The Box. We are the Professional Designers. We are the Trained Coders.
We Are Mailkoot.

Sujith S

Founder & CEO

Deepak Kumar

Regional Manager - North


Lead - Deliverability


Anil Jadhav


Anil Jadhav is an Investor at Mailkoot Communications. His entrepreneurial proficiency has self paved his path into the digital marketing and since then, he has never looked back, and strongly believes in the saying ‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference’. Academically well-versed in Computer Applications at University of Mysore , Karnataka.