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Our Vision

We at Mailkoot envision ourselves to be a renowned national player in email marketing, mobile marketing and ecommerce industry exceeding customer expectations. Our vision is to be an authentic, preferred and liable long run partner for our clients pan India while ensuring employee growth and satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our primary Mission is to innovate, prepare and provide adaptable, user-friendly, profitable and all-inclusive solutions to present and future requirements in the digital marketing industry. Our long-term goal is to bring Maximum optimization, real time customer engagement, maximize ROI with minimum spend and highest inbox ratio solutions within the reach of businesses of all sizes, in every corner of the nation.

Our Mission, at Mailkoot, is to

  • Improve ROI for clients with revolutionary digital marketing campaigns
  • Provide next generation & cutting-edge level of service
  • To encourage, motivate and teach innovative email/digital marketing skills and recent trends to the entire Mailkoot team
  • Partner with the best in the industry for mutual field expertise enrichment
  • Achieve the mutual growth for our clients, employees, partners and the organization as a whole

Our Philosophy

  • To provide a fully automated marketing world and reduce man power
  • Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If we take care of our employees, they will take care of our clients.

Our Skills

No matter how expertise we may be in what we do, but the skill we possess is our principal strength that makes us the big players. We keep our best foot forward to cater present Digital Marketing needs, implementing analytical skills and timely decisions to provide smarter and better services to our customers.

Why People like us?

In this office, we are helpful. We code. We develop. We create. We design. We Listen. We are fun. We are acknowledgeable. We are patient. We are friends. We are successful. We are together. We are a Team.

We are a unique breed of digital marketing agency. What makes us different is what makes us so powerful: Our Approach and Our People.

Recent Achievements

We all can work. But together we win and this is our story of achievements, we won.

4+ Billion
Email sent monthly

200 Million
SMS sent monthly

2X increased ROI

40% reduced Cost of messaging

2x increased customer engagement

20% increased customer lifetime value

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